Sunday, 6 August 2017

St David Llanddewier Cwm

St David can be found on the Brecon road from Builth Wells and is in  the Built Wells Group of Churches though I can only find a small bit of history on the church. It dates back to around 1183 and retains medieval lancet windows on both sides of the chancel and a priest's door on the south side. It was rebuilt in 1847 and repaired again in 2000

The entrance gate with an wrought iron arch

Path leading to the church

West end and the bell tower

Around the South side

Looking at the South side

Heading to the chancel end and priest door on side

Above the East end left around to the North side

North side of the church

Above Easterly view  and left West end of the church and porch

Above nave of the church looking to the chancel with the chancel arch in the left picture
Looking through the chance arch

Above & right  the altar with rails and chancel window

Above looking back through the chance arch. Left one of the memorials in the chancel

Another memorial in the chancel to the Powell family

A pile of King James Bibles

Left the eagle lectern and right  the pulpit

The nave from by the pulpit

and a view of the nave from the pulpit

Above an old Church organ which had been replaced by a newer one by the lectern. On the South wall of the nave you can see these framed photos and objects

Right part of an old door lock from the look and left some scenes of the area in the four seasons

This looked an interesting map of the roads through Wales
The church font which from the look is quite old and not the usual Victorian one you see in most churches

Out into the churchyard here on the North side buthe path

This is one huge family vault

Mixture of old and new headstones here by the tower

Going around to the South side you can see the graves are more modern with one family lot

This must have been an impressive family vault at one time but the railings have all broken and now lay on the tomb

Above a Pillar & urn. Left some family vaults

Three tombs or vaults of the same family

I could not work out if the crosses on these graves had been laid over or were meant to be lik eit

Above some of the older headstones now eroding. Right modern headstone among the older ones

along the wall headstones laid up

couple of tombs one has the remains of a fence on the top

More old headstones leaning against the wall

One the right looked a little different while on the left a memorial on the North wall of the church

Above memorials on the East end of the church

Above the urn on a family vault with the memorials on the East end behind. Right a fenced vault now has a bush growing inside

I'll leave you with a shot of the Eagle Lectern in the church
Till Next time have a good weekend


  1. Hello Bill!
    I am happy to see your wonderful relationships and beautiful pictures again.
    In your post I admire a very interesting architecture.
    I love such architecture and stere cemeteries.
    Blessed Sunday:)

  2. ...Bill, this lovely church and graveyard are set in a wonderful landscape. You are fortunate to be able of see the interior. Thanks so much.

  3. That is a very interesting church. Quite a bit of years reflected in all those headstones. I'm visiting Scotland in Sept and hope to stop at lots of old churches.

  4. St David's has been around for an unbelievably long time in one form or another Bill,and you get the feeling it will always be there! The bell tower and windows are fabulous, I like the sturdiness of it, the little touches like cushions on the pews give the impression that it's well used and the many old gravestones would have been fascinating to read. Beautifully shown as always .

  5. The eagle seems an odd adornment in such a simple ancient church.
    Love the arch!