Saturday, 14 October 2017

St Nicholas Newbury Pt 2

As promised the second part of my look around St Nicholas Newbury. What took me by surprise was the amount of stained glass windows in the church

Above you enter through porch above and are greeted by a floral display beside the portal

Above which is this wonderful window of the birth of Christ

Facing you is this effigy on a memorial though I could not tell you who it is apart from the fact he had a lot of kids. To the right of it is this beautiful piece of artwork

To your left is this magnificent stained glass window at the west end of the South Aisle

Walking across to the nave you get this view of the church

Nearby is the baptismal font 

Standing in the chancel arch you can see the nave has been re-ordered

The stained glass chancel window is what stands out in the church

The carving behind the altar was impressive as well

View of the choir stalls in the chancel
The North aisle looking towards the old Church Organ

A view down the Nave. It was here the Newbury Martyrs were put on trial

Above the entrance to the Lady Chapel in the South Aisle

Which has rather nice Altar decoration 

The stained glass window is quite beautiful too.
Left a view from the chapel along the South Asile

Nearby is the pulpit which has a sounding board above
View of the nave from the Pulpit 

At the back of the church is the Roll of Honour for Newbury

The top of which has tiles showing the three main forces

In the bell tower you can see a lot of memorials from differing dates

a church brass on the wall

Above a memorial to the submarine HMS Tigris which was adopted by the People of Newbury . Right memorial plaques of differing years

Above the Roll of Honour for those men of the parish who died in WWI

Left some of the old family vaults at the back of the church

Above the stained glass window in the West end of the Bell tower

The Lords prayer and parts of scripture in the south aisle. Right a memorial in the Lady Chapel

The Stained glass window stands above the entrance door to the lady chapel in the South wall of the church

Two more of the memorilas in the chapel

Above the stained glass window at the end of the North aisle , left one above a door in the North wall

There are four huge stained glass windows in the North aisle

The last one which is to the right of this one showing Jesus calming the water I was unable to photograph because of a panel in front of it

One the South aisle are four more stained glass windows

They all show scenes from the life of Christ
And if that was not enough when you walk along the nave all the windows above are Stained glass too

While you are looking up check out the roof

Its pure medieval 

One of the Angles you can see in the nave

Not sure about this one, is is a green man or dies he have a turban on?

I'll leave you with this stitch photo looking from the Chancel to the nave. I hope you enjoyed your little tour round though I feel the photos do not do the church justice, you really need to walk around to see everything.
Have a peaceful weekend