Saturday, 29 October 2016

All Saints Hinton Ampner

A visit to Hinton Ampner House gave me the opportunity  of visiting this church. There is little I can tell you about the church other than parts of it date back to the 13th century and restored in the 19th Century. If you visit the house then it taking time to visit the church is worth while to look round

Walking into the Gardens you see a beautiful view of the church and tower

The church sits in it's own walled area

View of the church as you go through the gate

Looking towards the west end

The chancel end with some of the graves

Along the South side of the church are many older graves and tombs

Like this with moss growing on it

Round the North side

Moss covers the base of this cross above while ivy gets a hold of this tomb

Much of the churchyard is covered in leaves form the trees nearby

While moss grows on the headstones

Over in one are are a set of family graves

Old and with moss growing on  them

Many are hidden in the older trees in the churchyard

Inside the porch a flower arrangement greets you

The church was a lot lighter inside than I expected, the photos are all taken by hand or with a phone as I did not have a tripod

The Chancel

Altar with oak panelling behind

The Altar cross and stained glass windows which look quite modern

Floral display

Looking out of the chancel and into the nave which had people from the house visiting. Another looking down from the pulpit

Some of the memorials you can see in the chancel

Memorial to the Greenwood Family who's vault is nearby

This memorial is in the nave and is in Latin so I'm afraid I cannot translate it

The plaque is nearby and tells you where the above memorial came from

The memorial on the left is on the North wall of the nave the right hand one is the second one from St Mary's Laverstoke

These tombs are in the chancel. Ralf Dutton was the last baron and on his death the house was left to the National Trust

Rather stunning memorial  in the chancel

The memorial on the left can be seen opposite the one above in the chancel while the one to the right is nearby

Some nice stained glass can also be seen in the church

These two standing out

Near the entrance to the church is this memorial and below it the font

I'll leave you with this shot of the cross and panelling behind the altar
Do have a wonderful weekend


  1. The churches and chapel that you find Bill are heavenly!

  2. i wonder about that moss ... it growth patter is so different. i know i notice the oddest things ... but i am curious? ( :

  3. Lots of interesting objects to take time with in and outside this church. The memorials are great. I like the windows and the paneling...

  4. Oh Bill!

    Only you can always admire the unusual architecture.
    Fantastic relationship and beautiful images.
    Happy Sunday.
    Greetings from Poland.

  5. Bill you do find the loveliest churches to share with us, I have to admit I'm not an overly religious person but for some reason I do love exploring churches, either myself or through others eyes, like yours :) You always find the most wonderful details. There's nothing those old gravestones can do to evade the ravishes of time and mother nature, I like them wellworn 😀😀

  6. Interesting and beautiful photos!

  7. Excellent article, as always.