Saturday, 12 December 2015

St Peter & St Paul Church Hanborough

The spire of the Church of St Peter & St Paul can be seen for miles around and I had driven past it many times in the past but finally on this occasion I managed to stop off at the church for some pictures. The church is a grade 1 listed building and dates back 900 years being built in 1130. One of the surviveing things from the  12th century features include Norman tympanum. The parish is now part of the Benefice of Hanborough and Freeland

 Looking along the path leading to the church

Some of the older graves in the churchyard

A chest tomb in the churchyard

Detail on the chest tomb

Looking over the churchyard on the east end of the church

The porch leading to the church, inside you can see the Norman tympanum with the door leading into to the church

Inside looking down the nave and 13th century chnacel arch

Looking up at the crucifix which hangs over the rood screen

Another view showing the rood screens.

Amazing rood screen top

Carved wooden pulpit

 Stunning stained glass chancel window

This is a depiction of a body in a shroud and dates back to medieval times

 This is the war memorial for first Long & Church Hanbrough they lost a lot of men in the first world war

This I'm sure is the old cock from the top of the church spire.


Some old stained glass and a statue of the Madonna and child

At the back of the church you can see the stone font  and if you look at one of the pillars  you can see these old memorials.

 The chapel aisle has tombs that are old and worth looking at.

I'll leave you with a view of the crucifix over the rood screen

 This post was first published in 2013 and the photos are not quite as how I would like so at some stage I may go back for more but I hope you enjoy what I have shown


  1. Such a tall steeple on this lovely church.

  2. I enjoyed all of these photos, especially the rood screen and that ceiling. I love English churchyards. My husband's ancestors are buried at another St. Peter and Paul church, in Cranfield.

  3. Lovely. I've visited a couple churches with this same name. I think one of them was in San Francisco.

  4. I enjoy looking around these old churches and cathedrals. My country is so young and Christianity only goes back 200 years so our churches are not even that old. Thanks for sharing them.


  5. Hello Bill !
    Very interesting church you introduced.
    It has a beautiful Gothic elements.