Saturday, 5 December 2015

St Margaret Catmore

I came across this church one day when My wife & I went for a short drive at lunchtime. We had gone to West Ilsley where I noticed a church then drove through the village where I noticed a sign pointing to an historic church. By then it was time to go as I had to return to work so looked it up on the Ordnance Survey map.  A few weeks later I returned to get some photos'
The Church dates back to the 12th century though only the South Doorway and font remain from then the rest was restored in the mid 1800's though the nave roof dates back to 1607. The church is now looked after by the Church Conservation Trust

As you can see this part of the churchyard is covered in fallen leaves
The west end of the church with the single bell dating to 1700

Showing the South side & porch which is as good as I could get due to the tree on the left

Looking down the churchyard to the East end of the church

This is the small vestry which is Victorian

Looking along the South side to the Yew tree

The Norman doorway leading to the church, on the right doorpost  you can see these crosses which have been gouged in the stone work

The church inside looks very rustic though very light

looking from the back of the church shows it's lack of use over the years

Going further down the nave you see a chancel arch leading to the small chancel

On the way to the chancel you bass this set of box pews for the choir with the wooded lectern in front

The chancels is small

with plainly decorated altar

Lit by a single twin lancet window, To the side in the small vestry

 Turn round and it gives good view of the nave to the right is the pulpit

To one side is this seat

You get a good view of the nave from the pulpit

and below you can see the small Church organ

You can also see the panelled chancel ceiling  after stepping down from the pulpit
 The lectern and kneeler behind

  Nearby is a tomb let in the floor of the Dewe family from the 1800's

You can also see a couple of memorials in  the chancel, the one on the left still with the stone makers name on the bottom. On the right is the Stephens family memorial

 One of the items of note in the church is this Norman Font though I doubt the cover is that old

One thing you will notice are these  cartwheel chandeliers  and the old oil lamps hanging from the ceiling
cartwheel chandeliers
cartwheel chandeliers

There is no other form of lighting in the church
cartwheel chandelier
cartwheel chandeliers

going back outside the one crypt you will see is this one I suspect that of the Stephens family who have the memorial in the church

Nearby is another tomb and a couple of headstones

this  one is near the church

The tomb of Reeves family is under the yew tree

The rest of the churchyard is rather sparse with few headstones to see
I'll leave you with this shot I took as I left the churchyard

One word of warning if you are visiting Watch the path which you can see on the photo to the left, as you go to and from the church. It gets very slippery as you climb the steps just out of sight to the left of the brick barn. I fell heavily on my way back

Have a good weekend


  1. Bill this one and many others that you share seem to be long and narrow. There appears to be not electric is this beauty.

  2. such history. i enjoy the floor plaque & the all those ceiling & window arches. very cool find. ( :

  3. Wonderful glad to hear it is being cared for by a Trust. I wonder if services are ever held in it. All the historic churches, in my small community, have at least one service per week. It does my heart good, to know people still attend these beautiful historic churches.

  4. I love these old churches. I'm sure this one is still being used as the altar is still 'dressed'.
    The oil lamp is wonderful. I'd love to come for a carol service.... (by candle light)

  5. Hello Bill!
    I really like these old churches.
    A beautiful relationship and fantastic pictures.

  6. Very fascinating. I take it no one uses it for anything now or does it still see occasional services?