Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nuffield Church

Nuffield is a small village between Wallingford and Nettlebed in Oxfordshire. It's along a country lane off the main London road. On the outside of the village you will find the Holy Trinity Church. I had gone over there to get a photo of a grave I had found out about. This was a revisit and by chance the church was open so I took the opportunity to get some photos of the inside. Since writing this blog back in 2013 Gerry Anderson who made Thunderbirds service was here before being cremated in Reading and Sir David Frost was buried in the churchyard.

Outside by the road you can see the village war Memorial

 The church itself is flint faced.

Inside I found there was a party of visitors being shown round by the rector.

The wooden pulpit in the church

It also has this wonderful graveslab in the aisle

You can also see a small brass memorial and some wonderful stained glass windows.

 The Nave and chancel which is plain and very simple

Like most church's the organ is addition crammed into one side 

 The stone font though is original and is simple with little carving on it.

Outside the churchyard is well kept and you can see the grave of William Morris or Lord Nuffield who started Morris Garages in Oxford.

Nuffield is a peaceful little village and if the church is open when you visit then take the time to go round and walk round the churchyard as well. 
  Holy Trinity Church
This will be the last edition of this blog I will be posting this year so may I wish you all a very

 Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year.


  1. Lush Bill. I love Churches as you know. Thanks for this blog. Concise and interesting.

  2. A lovely tour of Nuffield church Bill. I know I have said it before but your photos inspire me to travel to UK more than any travel website or magazine. I really admire the historical portrayal and country scenes.

  3. Such a beautiful little churchyard. Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet

  4. Yes, nice tour!
    The window you've photographed shows the logos of the four evangelists, and looks like a fine example of late nineteenth century glass

  5. Gorgeous country church! Loved the grave slab in the aisle - that's something we don't do in the States.

  6. Lovely find! I always appreciate how many photos you treat us to. :)

  7. Nuffield church is so enchanting. The beauty of simplicity! The grave slab in the aisle surprised me a little as it would be a major walk area.

  8. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Bill.

  9. gorgeous cross, love the well-kept grave. that is amazing colors. i don't believe i have ever seen one so well done. ( :

  10. Great tour as always. Merry Christmas to you.