Monday, 10 August 2015

St Birnus Dorchester

St Birnus is a small Catholic church in Dorchester Oxfordshire. I remember being taken there on some occasion by my mother when I was quite young. I remember little about it other than where it was. I had the chance to visit it a few years ago  and took a few photos. The church was originally built in the 1850s by architect William Wardell

St Birnus as you walk through the churchyard to it

It is quite a small churchyard with a few graves in it.

Round what is the front you can see this statue which I think is St Birnus, the photo on the right is stitched as at the time I did not have a wide angle lens.

The eternal architecture is worth stopping to looking at

but inside will knock your socks off. The following photos were taken freehand so could be a bit out of focus.

 A small rood screen leads to the chancel with the altar

Stained galss and a statue of St Birnus can be seen in the nave.


 The main entrance is through the gate here  and on Monday they say a Latin Mass but if you don't want to go then it is still worth looking round and spend some time in the church


  1. Wonderful shots...I love these old stone churches

  2. What a lovely church. The ceiling in the sanctuary was amazing. So different from what I expected.

  3. An interesting small church. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another amazing find Bill. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. A fabulous series on this beautiful church. I like the outside and inside shots. An excellent job of presenting this church.