Saturday, 28 February 2015

St George's Kelmscott

I wandered in to this village back in 2012 while tracing down some pillboxes along the Thames. I stopped off at St Georges church and took the time to look round it before carrying on with the task I had started out to do.

Go inside the church and it shows the church dates back a long time.

With wall paintings that date back to the 13th century

Graves up by the altar with crests on show some one of wealth was buried there.

On the wall in the chapel this memorial is hung which is to Edward Dore who it seems was well traveled.

Nearby s a war Memorial tp Frank E Hayes and Henry Hayes who were both killed in the first world war.                                                                                                 

Here we look down the nave of the church from the chancel.

The Altar is a simple one with a small chancel window behnd

That depicts St George killing the dragon.
Either side is this material called Strawberry Thief by William Morris who's influence in restoring the church can be seen.

Going back outside to wander the churchyard you can see many old graves

And some newer memorials

Along with family ones like John Wells Brain his wife and his children who are  buried in these two graves.

Not far away across the churchyard is the grave of William Morris and his family. Many people from all over the world come here to see it while visiting the Manor up the road where he lived.

Kelmscott is a peaceful and tranquil village by the Thames in Oxfordshire that is worth taking your time to visit if your in the area.


  1. Since you've left a comment on my blog i stumbled upon yours. And it's bloody fantastic!

    Good job!


    1. Not sure what to say, coming from you that is high praise after seeing your photos

  2. Beautiful, love old English churches so serene. I'm from Lancashire but I love a lot of the southern countryside, beautiful landscape.

    1. There are lot of nice churches up there though I have not had the chance to visit any.

  3. This looks a beautiful church to visit. I must remember it next time I am in that part of the country. Thank you for your many comments on my blog. For some reason I have not been getting notification of your latest posts so do not always comment. Have tried to address the problem so it's a case of 'watch this space'.

  4. Have written a comment on your blog but it doesn't appear to have been published. Lots of strange things happening with google at the moment. Enjoyed reading this blog especially the post on Kelmscott. It is obviously a church to look out for when I'm next in the area. Thanks for all your comments on my blog.

    1. They don't appear right away as I get them to approve first.
      Thanks for your comments

  5. Lovely as ever Bill. The size of the yew against the church in the first photo is amazing. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. How lovely that William Morris is buried there! I love that he had a hand in restoring the church. It's very beautiful. I particularly love the simplicity of the interior!

  7. You've found another absolutely interesting subject. The old details are very distinctive especially the painting.