Sunday, 19 October 2014

Return to St Mary

This week we return to St Mary Church Llanfredd this is a church I have visited a couple of times but the door was always locked. I found out the key was kept at the farm next door so I borrowed the key and took these photos of the inside. You can see the photos I took of the churchyard in the link

Here we look down the nave of the church towards the atar. I was not sure what to expect inside but was pleased to see it was more or less unmodernised
The whole church was painted white inside and with the sunlight made it quite bright so easy to see the colors of the stained glass and altar covering
The stained glass window has memorial inscription written on the base

The carved wood eagle lecturn I though was well done

epecally the way the feathers are carved on as well

Opposite is the pulpit which is also wood. At the back is the font which looks older than the present church

These photos show the church looking from the altar

The roof joists are on show and well kept

There are few memorials in the church. One is roll of honour at the back the other is a memorial to William James and his children

Another is to Edward Davies though the tablet is not that old being  erected in 1969

The side windows are leadded glass but not stained

A Bible is always in eveidence in a church

at  the back looking through the doot I spotted this chest which looks of an age as well

A simple cross in the north window

A last look at the inside
St Mary , Have a good Weekend


  1. Love the stonework on this church

  2. Bill,
    What a beautiful small church, the interior detail is wonderful. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Sou beautifull church photos...

  4. I love stone buildings and this one is beautiful I like the windows, the chairs and thanks for taking us inside. Here, our churches are locked unless open for a service. so no inside photos for me

  5. Luv the eagle, the ceiling, and the stain glass. ( :

  6. Thanks for the lovely tour. This church reminded me of a couple of churches that I visited in Herefordshire (Orcop and Garway Hill). Tis sad that every two years another person in the James family died and his children died so young.

  7. Glad you were able to return. Love the carved eagle book stand. I was so impressed with the bronze ones we saw in most of the churches and cathedrals we visited in England. The carved wooden one is pretty special...

  8. Nice to be able to take a look inside, lovely.


  9. The church is really beautiful !

  10. That is such a beautiful church. I could feel the silence in the pictures. It seems like a lovely place.

  11. No picture of the magnificent Yew at the West end of the church.

    1. Check the link at the top, third photo.

    2. Check the link at the top, third photo.