Saturday, 23 August 2014

St Mary's Bettws

This is a church I came across many years ago, I took a few external photos and some of the churchyard but could get no internals. The other day while driveing past I stopped and had look to see if the door was open. I was in luck it was so I poped in and got a few photos.

The churchyard has changed little since I last visited
 St Mary's Church with the path lading to the porch

On the west end wall are some old headstones that have fallen over and become detached from the graves

North side view of the church
 The entrance porch

 Inside the church is quite simple with pews either side
 Near the altar are choir pews on either side

The choir pews on the right hand side of the church

The altar is behind plain wood rails
 The altar does have a nice three tiled backdrop mural

Looking back along the nave


A wodden lecturn come pulpit is on the left side while on the rign is a small church organ

At  the back you can see this church chest which I think could well be older than the church, behind you can see memorials which look very old as well

Opposite the entrance is the church font which again looks to be older that the present church

Oyside the churchyard looks sparce and most of the graves are over on the south side

Thes are the older ones you can see here
Most are well weathered and getting eroded

Though there are a few interesting ones to be seen

The north side has some newer ones as well as old

This is on the side of the porch

View of the south east side of the church

I'll leave you with a photo of one of the flower vases in the church. Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. I like your blog because I too think there is always something interesting to see in a church. I've written about Selby abbey this time.

  2. Bill, Each week you out do yourself! This is a wonderful treat. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Nice church located in the countryside.

  4. What a great church to explore. I like the brick around the windows inside and the tile work. The wood pews are fabulous! My churches this week are from the Cotswolds.

  5. Nice one, Bill - again! You can almost smell it. Is that belltower leaning in, or is it the angle of the photo?

    1. I think it is the lens I use, its quite wide.

  6. I find the history of monasteries particularly interesting. Great tour as always.