Saturday, 21 June 2014

Nantgwyllt Church

Back in 1880 there was a small community at Nant-Gwyllt Shelly lived there at the manor for a time and no doubt visited the small chapel there. People used to attend services there on a Sunday afternoon lead by a pastor who would visit on horseback. Nearby children would go to the school and a watermill cut timber and ground grain near the church. This would all change in 1893 when Birmingham Waterworks Company built a dam across the Claerwen valley. By 1896 the community had disappeared under the Caban-coch Reservoir

The old chapel before it was submerged in the reservoir
The map above is one I found and is dated just before work began on the reservoir, the chapel is not marked with a cross like OS maps  but I think is towards the bottom of the map

 In this valley there used be the little community of Nant-gwyllt

A new church was built nearby by Birmingham Waterworks Company  to replace the old drowned one.
This was the first time I came across the church back in 2008, at the time I thought it was closed up and derelict but I found the porch open and went in for a look round and some photos.

Moving on to 2104 and the place looks different, gone are the tall trees surrounding it

Nearby is the church information board with some history on it as well

 The path leading to the church

And the first view you get as you walk through the gate


Here we look at the church from the west end with the Reservoir that took it's predecessor in the background
There were no graves in the churchyard I could see but this memorial seat overlooks the  Reservoir

View from the churchyard looking towards the reservoir


Inside the church looking down the Nave

The font in the back of the church which I forgot to check what the plaque said. The Chance arch

Very nice wood pulpit
The Chancel with choir pews

The altar and chancel windows
The Altar
The flower son the altar with the cross.

One of the memorials on the wall with some of the keelers in the church to the right

The scripture open looking towards the chancel

The church organ and one of the information boards in the church

View up the nave from the chancel arch

John Pickering memorial

Some of the detail on the chancle arch
and one of the windows in the church

A lone floral display on the window

At the back by the entrance is a small exhibit of photos taken when the work was being done building the dam

What I like about the church is there is no electricity only oil lamps

A sad reminder of the age of people working on the dam

A dedication to   hangs on the wall. To the right one of the oil lamps in the church

The Chancel Window
Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. Great to see relics of the old drowned church preserved in the new one

  2. Lovely! It's nice that you are able to get interior shots. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. great post for this terrific church

  4. i always think oh, i love the outside & all the surroundings. & then you take me inside. so many views. great beauty. ( :

  5. I love this church and the story of the drowned village. I wonder what you can see in a drought?

  6. Fascinating, Bill. Notwithstanding the sadness in this tale, the new chapel does look quietly impressive.

  7. Such beauty here. I wonder if the old cemetery was moved before the reservoir was created. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. I LOVED all the much to like in the church and love the path leading up to it. The inside is beautiful...and the countryside is, too.