Friday, 30 August 2013

Wallingford Cemetery

A change from my usual  but I thought it time I showed some photos from a cemetery that is local to me. I could not say when the cemetery was built but I would think the early 1800s after the turnpike to Shillingford was built. The main entrance is just off the road past the bends by castle meadows.

This is the main entrance to the cemetery the road on castle street

The gates that would have been here have long gone.

Hidden behind the ivy on the left side you can see this ornate gate, there is another on the other side which is open. I wonder if the main gates that were once on the pillars looked like this.

As you walk through the gates you can see the cemetery with the older headstones

 They can be see on both sides of the drive

The words are faded on this headstone which looks shamrock shaped and has a harp it also has a matching footstone
The drive leads to these two chapels you can see on either side of the cemetery

This chapel is now used as a chapel of rest by Howard Chadwick

I can't complain as I have used Howard Chadwick on three occasions and found him the most the considerate undertaker you could meet

The twin opposite is used for services from what I can see

This view was taken through the chapel window.


The obelisk is a memorial to the Payne family round base you can see the names of the family carved on the crosses on the  back you can see this inscription.

 Not far away is this war grave, Jonathan Fowler died 14th July 2011 seeing the date makes me sad .

There are a couple of older war graves not far away

Some headstones are leaning over others sit under the shade of the trees

On one side of the cemetery a lot of headstones are lost in ivy

It relentlessly makes it's way up and covers the whole memorial 

Shaking hands I think the first I have seen

A upside down dove

Graves with footstones

Headstones which are so covered in ivy they look like trees

Across the way you find the new cemetery

 Which seems bigger than the old on but is now getting quite full

You can see these war graves in the new section and are from the second world war

While looking round the cemetery I came across the grave of John Gannon or Jack as he was known. He used to be the Pharmacist at Savory & Moore in Wallingford  when it was in the old shop in the Market place and when it moved across the square. When he died he left three daughters .

Leaving the new cemetery you can see the old one opposite 

Which seems more tranquil
  Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. Fantastic post and some really great pictures. So sad to see such a new war grave.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. Thank you Nicola, I found it sad as well though I seem to remember it being in the paper, just need to find out a bit more.

  2. Is it wrong to say that a cemetery is lovely?

    I really like that gate too.

    1. No I don't think it is, one I want to return to is rather a lovely place

  3. Wow --- looks like lots and lots of lovely stones and things here. :)

    1. Yes lots and many which could be uncovered if they took off the ivy

    2. Yes - that ivy is a little aggressive! :)

      Thanks for sharing this on Taphophile Tragics!

  4. I have seen lots of shaking hands, but never a foot stone.

    1. Come over here and I can show you loads

  5. What a lovely place! I especially like your photo of the road between the two chapels.

    1. There are a couple more cemterys I need to cover which I think will look different.