Friday, 27 December 2013

St Michael & All Angels Steventon

St Michael & All Angels in Steventon is a long way from what is the center of the village but I must say it is worth the effort of visiting. I was on a mission that day and had just visited Harwell church which I will post at another date. These photos were taken hand held and not with a tripod like  usually do so some may be a bit out of focus

 The church from the entrance gate

This is the north side of the church, you enter round the other side.

A few of the older headstones

and a preaching cross.

From the west end lookng across the churchyard

West end with the bell tower on the south side

Here you can see you enter through the door in the belltower

and on the buttresses you can see the remains of a couple of sundials 

 Interesting little memorial to
Thomas Stevens 
Thomas Lyford

Inside you can see an old carved stone font and a wonderful looking chancel

The altar and chancel widow which is quite something

The organ is hidden behind a rood screen

Choir cassocks hanging on their pegs
and a list of benefactors

Think the poor were hungry if they only got bread once a year

Some of the wall memorials in the church

Memorial tiles in the floor

Considering the age of this grave it's in remarkable condition

These brasses are probably even older

These church pews are old if the graffiti is any thing to go by

I wonder who R:D L was and did  he get his ear clipped for his work. Have a great Sunday


  1. Bill, it is always so wonderful to read these posts and have some armchair traveling. You've made me start a list of places I'd like to visit when I'm ever able to. :)

    1. Any where you would like me to show you, most of the places I go are near me.

    2. Bill, I'm hoping to plan a trip in 2014 ---- so I'll definitely be picking your brain. :)

      Thanks for sharing on Taphophile Tragics!

    3. What have I started ;)) No worry's just ask

  2. Bill,
    I am really enjoying reading about your visits to churches and their 'yards'. Wallingford? I was at Benson 72 to 75 and often visited an antique shop on the road into town! Lovely area.

    1. There are three churches with Churchyards in Wallingford, St Peters I have yet to go and photograph, St Marys I have some externals but no internals and St Leonard's which I have externals of. St John's the catholic church I have a couple of internals of as well and some externals of the chapels in the town. Only other churchyard I covered was this one.
      Take it you were in the RAF then, I used to go to the Argosy club around the 1970's and knew a girl called Debbie on the camp. No access to the place now, t has armed guards.

  3. What a fantastic post. I love finding old graffiti. I makes me wonder about the person that did it also.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. Yes I agree you do wonder about the person who wrote it

  4. Beautiful! I like old churches.

    1. Good we have lots of them in the UK and I will show more yet

  5. I don't know why, but I really like the graves on the floors of the old churches.

    1. When you find one in good condition they are worth stopping to look at but many are badly worn and unreadable,