Friday, 26 July 2013

St John-In-Bedwardine

I came across this church of St John-in-Bedwardine while walking down the A44 in Worcester to visit Worcester Cathedral, it was worth the visit. This is quite long with a lot of photos.

View of the church looking along the path. The churchyard itself seems devoid of headstones my thinking is that they were removed and it is now lawn.

This War memorial tucked in a corner is to those men from the parish of St John-in Bedwardine

 This the church looking at the bell tower and entrance

You are greeted by these stairs and memorial as you walk in the door

The memorial is to a hop merchants two sons though I find it rather macabre.

  Going through to the church you come out in this chapel and looking over to the left you can see this pulpit

Here you see the stained glass window of the chapel with memorials on the wall, on the right is the chancel
The superb altar and chancel window

There are some old memorials on the walls still with what looks like the original paint used though now fading, the one on the right is to a child who died in infancy.

 More stunning stained glass windows

Beautifully caved stone font on pillars by which you can see the tomb in the floor

 The nave and chancel  and if you turn round

You can see this choir loft which I found out had a balcony that extended down to the rood screens but was removed dues to age.

The organ like most I have come across is crammed into part of the chaple 

Here you look down the chapel to the organ, the font is on the right here, most I have seen are at the back of the church.

If you look at the pillar in this one you can see a hole which lets you see the chancel
So there you have it a beautiful church I did not expect to find and if you come across it the stop of and spend a moment there.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

St Helens Albury

Recently I went to collect am awning for my caravan and noticed nearby was a church, it was in a small village called Albury which is mentioned in the Domeday Book. The church dates back to the 13 century though the present one was built in after the old one was demolished in 1828. The church is along a single track road with a few houses nearby.

The church as seen from the entrance gate

The churchyard was well kept and had new and old graves 

The large chest tomb was most impressive
The older headstones were also in great condition

The churchyard on the east end of the church

Some of the older headstones 

The south side of St Helen's  looking up the footpath to the porch

Graves near the porch

 The nave looking towards the chancel
The chancel also had a rood screen

Over the top of the rood screen is a carved depiction of the crucifixion.

The stained glass i n the church was of a high standard

There are also some nice memorials and a tomb in the aisle.

Small altar to the Madonna & Child

The memorial to the men from Albury & Tiddington who were killed in the first world war.

The church font and the knealers which are the handiwork of the WI

The church seen from in the organ loft. St Helen's a pleasant unspoiled church worth a visit if you are nearby.