Sunday, 30 June 2013

Aston Rowant Church

I visited this church while taking photos to show what the village like for Sharon from Strong Foundations who's relations came from the village unfortunately it was not open when I went so a return visit to the church was a must.  Before you scroll down you might want to get a coffee there are a lot of photo's

St Peter & St Paul can be found off Church lane

St Peter & St Paul.

From along Church lane

 The Village War memorial with the Malt House in the background.

The churchyard has many old graves 

Some insight and easy to see

Others becoming lost and overgrown.

At the back if you look over the wall you can see the old rectory.

Going inside you find the place is a gem.

With large plaques showing bequeaths to the parish poor

chests with the handbells  dated 1882

even the alcove has a flowers in
I will start in the nave here looking towards the chancel

which though simple has a wonderful stained glass window.

also in the chancel you can see the 12th Century tomb of a priest

Off to the side is the North Aisle which has a couple of tomb recesses

and where you can see this magnificent Memorial to Lady Cicill Hobbee who died in 1618

Quite stunning something I have not seen before.

 and at the East end of the aisle you can see some of the Medieval glass that remains

At the end you can see some steps half way up the wall, they would have gone to the floor once but came out in rood loft in the nave. You can still see where the floor joists connected to the chancel arch.

 This was to give people who were in the chapel a view of what was happening at the altar.

The church organ which is at the back of the chapel

The memorial to those who died in the wars

Memorials on the nave walls

 graves in the aisle floor 

some great kneeler's made by the WI

Looking out of the windows in the North Aisle shows the churchyard
I'll leave you with this view of the nave from the pulpit, hope you have enjoyed the look round St Peter & St Paul


  1. And thank you so very much. You are very helpful. I still haven't had got back to researching the family further but I will.

    So much to do and so little time!

  2. Fascinating views of this little church! Interesting that one church is dedicated to two saints.

    1. There are a few churchs useing the name round this area.

  3. Wonderful post and photographs. Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday.

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. Sorry it was late, I was in Glastonbury

  4. Lovely photos --- it's like a travelogue, visiting your posts. :) Thanks very much for sharing this on Taphophile Tragics!

  5. Wonderful photos! Scrolled through all of them without the coffee ! :)

  6. Hello, I wonder if you would be kind enough to send me a copy of a photo in the church of the bequests to the parish poor. My ggg grandfather Eden White is mentioned in one. cheers, Michelle, Australia

    1. Got your meassage, May take a few weeks before I get one though you will need to send an email address on that link.

  7. Thrilled to see the memorial to Elizabeth Catherine, daughter of my ancestor, Captain Mangin displayed on your website. In the old vestry there are marble inscriptions to the Mangin family including one to Rear Admiral Reuben Caillaud Mangin, grand-nephew of General John Caillaud, one-time lord of Aston. The Mangins are descended from Etienne Mangin who founded the first Calvin-inspired Reformation (Huguenot) church in France at Meaux and was burnt at the stake as a heretic and then martyred.

  8. Thrilled to see the memorial plaque on your website to Elizabeth Catherine daughter of Captain Mangin RN. There are other marble inscriptions in the old vestry apparently for other members of the Mangin family including Rear Admiral Reuben Caillaud Mangin who was grand-nephew of General John Caillaud one-time lord of Aston. Etienne Mangin formed the first Calvin-inspired Reformist (Huguenot) church in France at Meaux where he was burned at the stake for heresy and then martyred.in1546.