Sunday, 23 March 2014

St Mary's New Radnor

I'm republishing this blog for Inspired Sunday Originally posted in April 2013
New Radnor is a small village along the A44 going through Wales It also has the remains of a castle on the hill over looking the village. I used to drive past on my way to my Caravan in Frorest fields campsite and every time I kept saying I must stop off and take some photos.

Near the church in the village you can see this war memorial

along the path in you see this small cottage.

And looking round to the right you see the church up on the hillside.

The churchyard has many old headstones 

Some older looking than others.
and some with wonderful carvings on

The church is not so easy to photograph from the outside with no wide angle lens but the chancel end looks impressive.

Nearby you find even older graves

 getting covered in moss and ivy

others in the shade of the trees.

Inside was a bit of an eye opener

The alter and cross in the chancel
 The Altar rail and kneelers
Behind the altar you can see the chancel window
even the chancel ceiling was stunning to look at.
 This was the first hand bier I had seen
 Like other churches there was a bequest on the wall
On the way back up the chancel you saw a organ loft with a pink painted organ

The pink Organ
 The church looks plain from the outside but inside is worth looking at.


  1. Beautiful photos ---- looks like some very interesting stones in this place. I've been away from my blog this week ... and looking at these photos makes me realize I need to get back to things. :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! Looks like a very beautiful place to visit.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  3. Great photos! I love old cemeteries.

  4. love the cottage. a pink organ?? ... awesome ... someone has style. hope you are well Bill. have a nice weekend!! ( :

  5. hee hee .... a PINK organ! That's a first!
    In any case, as always, it is always a pleasure to see what you've come up with for inSPIREd Sunday.
    «Louis» posted a church that looks like the agitator of a washing machine. :-)

  6. oh I love this tour..
    so sad to see the grounds left unkempt - a typical condition when congregations age.
    but the interior is stunning and pure delight to visit - TY for sharing!