Sunday, 26 January 2014

Nineteen Eighy Four

Many of you will recognise the number as being from the book of the same name by George Orwell, his real name was Eric Arthur Blair 
Now like many of you I read the book when I was young as part of my literature for the exam's I would be taking but I never realised he was only buried a few miles away from my home. It was not until my later life I found this out and decided to visit when I had the chance which came about when I decided to take some photos from round Sutton Courtenay which is where his last resting place is.

All Saints Church is Sutton Courtenay

All Saint s church from the churchyard, I would have taken some photos inside but there was a service on, so another day.

Interesting porch this it was built built with money left to the poor of the parish by the 15th-century Bishop Thomas Bekynton of Bath & Wells. The obviously thought that saving the souls of the poor was more important than feeding them.

Walking on into the churchyard at he back you cannot but help noticing this tomb of Herbert Henry Asquith who was  the prime minister of England  from 1908 - 1916 he preferred to be buried here rather than Westminster Abbey
Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith tomb with the church in the background. Asquith lived nearby in a house which I think is no owned by Helena Bonham Carter  mind you he was her Great-Grandfather.

 It took a while to find Orwell's grave which was only done after I phoned my wife and she told me where to look after looking on the Internet.

As you can see  it is a simple headstone with a rose growing in front.

Behind you can see the grave of his friend David Astor

 Who when he heard his fried was to be buried in the churchyard bought both plots so he could be buried nearby.

The churchyard is well worth looking round  at the old graves which is parts are over grown.

And who knows you may well find some interesting ones there. I will return again to get a few photos of the inside which I will post on here for you to see. I hope you have enjoyed my tour of this churchyard.


  1. Such an interesting post. I hope to be able to visit the places you write about.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet

  2. Most are not that far from you and easy to get to though you need a car.

  3. what a beautiful church and grounds!

  4. What a great cemetery! Hard to believe that George Orwell has such a simple marker but interesting that it is close to you.

  5. I have still got few more to post yet, Tolkin I have still to visit but there is another famous one not far away I will be posting next.

  6. Wow -- how completely cool! And just think how anonymous he is there, considering not many people realize he is "George Orwell." :) Thanks so much for sharing this on Taphophile Tragics!

  7. gorgeous roses. gorgeous church & cemetery. i totally understand computer problems. i sure hope you will have it solved very soon. enjoy your week!! ( :

  8. Most interesting! «Louis» did not recall that "Orwell" had died so soon after the publication of "1984".

    Seeing the photo of Asquith's grave prompts «Louis» to go back and do a bit of reading about Asquith's time as PM and young Churchill's role in British politics at the time.

    «Louis» posted this Methodist Church dating from the 19th century that is located in the Pacific Coast town of Half Moon Bay, California.

  9. Ah! I never knew his real name till now. I can image that they could have written "George Orwell" on the stone as well...

    Hope you'll have a great week!